Pros and Cons of Cordless Impact Driver

Cordless impact drivers are very effective and can speed up your work while ensuring you work less. Like all tools, the cordless impact driver has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Cordless Impact Driver

Power: When compared to a cordless screwdriver and an average drill driver, the cordless impact driver stands tall. An average cordless screwdriver is capable of producing 10Nm of torque and a drill driver is capable of producing 50Nm of torque. A cordless impact driver can produce up to 150Nm of torque. That’s a whole lot of power!

The hammer and anvil mechanism inside these drivers deliver quick and powerful blows to the screwdriver bit as its inserts the screws into the desired material. This is the reason why the cordless impact driver produces so much torque. Most cordless impact drivers are capable of driving much larger screws into tougher materials within a lesser amount of time.

Size: in terms of size, cordless impact drivers are much smaller and lighter than cordless drill drivers. This feature makes it possible for them to be used in tight spaces, making them applicable to a whole lot of projects.

Kick back: When working with a best cordless impact wrench, it is possible to face some resistance in materials that are tough, making it harder to turn the chuck. The motor will not be able to turn the screw if the resistance is too high, thereby transferring the vibration and power being sent to the bit back to the body of the tool which is in the users’ hands. This occurrence is referred to as “kick back”. The user’s arm may get injured or strained while trying to hold the tool steady.

The high torque in these tools makes it possible for them to overcome any resistance that may arise, thereby preventing kickbacks.

There are so many good sides of this tool, but not without a bad side. Let’s look into some of the disadvantages

Disadvantages of Cordless Impact Driver

Price: cordless tools in general do not come cheap. All that power and compatibility comes at a price and it is steep. To save some money on batteries, consider buying your power tools from one manufacturer so you can share batteries between the tools. This way, you don’t have to purchase an extra battery pack for your tools.

Torque Control: Cordless impact drivers don’t have numbered torque control unlike cordless drills and cordless screwdrivers. This means that the power being sent to the bit cannot be controlled, thereby leading to stripping and maybe damage of screws.

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