Nursing Clogs for Women

Clogs are very popular among nurses and healthcare professionals. They provide support which helps reduce the risk of pains during those long shifts. Nurses spend between 8-12 hours on their shifts and most of this time is spent on their feet. Wearing the best nursing shoes can make all the difference between a pain-free shift and a miserable day at work.

Clogs are popular in the healthcare industry because they were designed specifically for the workplace; therefore they bring more to the table than regular sneakers and normal regular shoes.

Clogs go a step further to offer protection from injuries that may arise from falling objects and harmful chemicals or bodily fluids. Clogs are generally closed-toed so these fluids don’t find their way to the feet.

When shopping for clogs, it is normal to find fancy and very fashionable clogs on the shelves. Special attention should be paid to these types of shoes before purchasing. A pair of clogs may look absolutely fabulous and colorful; do not be deceived! Design does equate functionality. A fine-looking pair of clogs may not offer the required safety and comfort needed by nurses on long shifts.

Women are fashionable by nature so it is normal for a woman to opt for a pair of fashionable clogs instead of comfortable ones that will provide the necessary support. It is possible to find a clog that is both fashionable and functional at the same time. In a situation where you have to choose between fashionable clogs and functional ones, it is best to go for functional ones because fashionable clogs may not provide comfort and will have to be replaced sooner or later to avoid aches and joint pain.

A good pair of clogs will provide adequate support in the workplace to give the wearer comfort to be able to withstand the stress that comes with the nursing profession.

Features of a Good Pair of Clogs

Support: A good pair of clogs will provide the needed ankle support to minimize the stress on the feet, knees and back. Support is of the essence if you want to remain in an optimum condition during and after your shifts.

Comfort: Women nurses spend a whole lot of time on shifts and most of this time is spent on their feet. A good pair of clogs should provide enough comfort to minimize the effect of stress on the feet and the body as a whole.

Safety: A good pair of clogs should provide enough grip to prevent slipping and accidents in the workplace.

Clogs are a great option for nurses because they provide the needed comfort and support which indirectly translates to increased efficiency at work. A nurse will work better for longer if her she is comfortable and doesn’t have to worry about hurting her feet.


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